Givenchy Photo'Perfexion Light Fluid Foundaon SPF 10

I just tried Givenchy Photo'Perfexion Light Fluid Foundation. I am still not exactly where I stand on this foundation/tinted moisturizer. It falls somewhere in-between the two categories.

Here is the scoop, per Sephora's website:

"What it does: Perfects the complexion with incredible radiance and natural coverage. Its fresh, extra-thin, and comfortable fluid texture melts into the skin upon application."
"What it is: An ultra-light, natural-looking, SPF 10 foundation."

Here is what I noticed with this product. I is a beautiful tinted moisturizer, as far as coverage goes, that's all it did for me. I have pretty good skin, but it can be a little uneven. This evened out the skin tone, but didn't last very long on the face. And I much as I tried to make it work (used setting powders, finishing powders, all nighter spray), I just couldn't get it to last. The other major problem is the very limited color selection. It only comes in 6 colors (I fell somewhere between #6 and #7, so I just can't justify spending $47 x 2-- to mix together, for a TINTED MOISTURIZER!! If you have flawless skin, or like a no-makeup look, you will likely love this, if you can find the right shade for you!

**Purchased by me, was returned for YSL foundation.......stay tuned!

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