Stilla Custom Color Blush in Self-Adjusting Coral

I was in Sephora making a return, last week, and saw the most amazing blush by Stilla. It just so happened that I was looking particularly washed-out that day, and decided to try it on. Little did I know it would be my new favorite! I actually knew nothing about this blush when I tried it on (and purchased it), I just wanted something to perk up my look. When I got home to look up more about my new purchase, I realized it was Stilla's Custom Color Blush, in Self-Adjusting Coral. These blushes (pink or coral) are supposed to react to your pH and create a personalized finish, therefore, they should be wearable for any skin tone.

I am not sure about the pH and all that jazz, but I do know it is a stunning shade of bright peach-coral, that looks perfect on. The blush is pretty pigmented, so use a light hand (it is very easy to blend, and layer--best to start light and build the intensity if you want it). This gorgeous shade really does wake-up your whole face, its gives a perfect healthy flush. I am thrilled with this find, and highly recommend it. I don't plan to review the Self-Adjusting Pink, as pink blushes never look quite right on my olive skin. If you have tried these, let me know what you think of either shade!

**Item purchased by me.

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