XEN-TAN Deep Bronze Luxe Premium Sunless Tan

Forever on the quest for a better sunless tanning lotion (i.e. no funky smell, long lasting color, natural tan shade), I decided to check out a new brand at ULTA. Xen-Tan is actually not a new brand, but was not available in any stores in my area until recently. Xen-Tan's Deep Bronze Luxe Premium Sunless Tan promises a "long wearing tan with olive undertones" (yea!), "streak free color", "fresh vanilla scent for face and body".

It sounds perfect, and guess what...............it is!!!! My new self-tan HG! This lotion gave me the most beautiful golden-brown tan, so natural that my husband said I looked I had been at the beach, and was also thrilled that I didn't stink after putting it on (as most self tanning products do). In his defense, he has witnessed me trying a lot of self tanning lotions, sprays, etc., over the years. Xen-Tan really did have a light vanilla smell, and the color was the exact shade that my olive complexion gets in the sun. No orange, and better yet, no streaks. The lotion is tinted, so you can see exactly where you have applied. I applied the lotion following my tips listed here, and got a streak-free golden brown tan, that lasted a full 4 days! Perfect for medium skin tones. And if you are fair Xen-Tan and E! have partnered on a customizable Perfect Blend formula.

The Xen-Tan products start at $30, but I used a 20% off ULTA coupon on mine. Keep you eyes open for future ULTA coupons, it really helps the price point.

This product was purchased by me.


John Frieda 3 Day Straight Review and Pictures

I had my first Brazilian blowout on April 1st.  Natasha had been pressuring me for about a year to try it out.  I have naturally super thick, curly, stubborn red hair.  I have been blow drying and straightening it for years, it was time to try and relax my curls!  I had the quickened 24 hour blowout, where the stylist applies the solution and straightens your hair stick straight.  You cannot get it wet or crinkled for 24 hours, then you can wash your hair with sodium chloride free shampoo and conditioner.  This blowout typically last about 3 months, but depends on how much you shampoo your hair.  I typically shampoo every 3 days (thanks to dry shampoo).  The blowout was amazing!  My hair was not stick straight, but when blow dried out it was nearly perfect.  Once I flat iron, it was smooth and soft.  

About a week ago, I told Natasha I think my blowout was gone already! My frizz free, nearly straight hair, was curly and frizzy, like before!  I have had it only 3 - 4 weeks! This could not be true.  But it is, and I am disappointed because of the big price tag it had cost me ($150.00 USD).

Today, in Target, I spotted a new product from John Frieda, called 3 Day Straight.  Price was $8.99 USD, but on the bottle was a $2.00 off coupon, so I paid $6.99.  This product claims to seal in your straight style for up to 3 days.  I turned the package over and notice that one of the ingredients was Keratin.  Keratin is the main ingredient used in the Brazilian blowout.  Once I knew that this had Keratin in it, I was sold. *All photos were taken with my iPhone, sorry for quality*

Directions were easy.  Just apply 7-15 sprays to wet hair (depends on length and thickness) and comb through with brush.  Then blow-dry and flat iron as usual.  Easy enough!  At first I though my hair felt super sticky while I was drying.  After my hair was completely dry and I flat ironed, it was silky and super straight.  Almost like when I first had the Brazilian done.  

Overall, this worked pretty well - it really did feel like a fresh Brazilian.  The weird texture of my hair was completely gone once it was dry.  I would recommend not putting a lot of product in the hair.  Start with just a couple pumps and build up slowly.  I could see too much of this feeling really sticky.  My hair came out stick straight and feels like it will not frizz.  Only thing I wish was different that instead of lasting only 3 days, that it lasts for 2 weeks or more!  Really good product for us at-home hair straightening girls (and boys!) :).  No need for me to spend $150 + for a salon treatment that only last 1 month.  Definitely recommend.

This product was purchased by me.