Lancôme Teint Miracle--new foundation HG!

I never thought I would love another foundation more than my Armani Lasting Silk (I have it in 4 shades), .....until now. I have been in a foundation rut, and feeling like my skin is looking a little dull. I made it a mission to find a new HG foundation.
My criteria:
1.). Want my skin to look luminous (like I'm glowing)
2.). Want medium, buildable coverage
3.). Must be oil free, but not drying
4.). Must offer shades for light/medium olive skin
5.). Must be long lasting
6.). Must NOT break out/irritate my sensitive skin

I know what you're thinking! "She's crazy if she thinks one foundation can do all that.". Crazy or not, I decided to give it a shot. I tried several, including the new Chanel Perfection Lumiere. Everything fell short on 1 or more requirements, except for one. Lancôme Teint Miracle Lit From Within Makeup is absolutely divine. I've never seen my skin look so ethereal (almost like a model's skin for a fashion show). Bye, bye dull skin! My face looks luminous and healthy, and it looks that way all day! I couldn't be more pleased!!! Teint Miracle foundation was everything I wanted and more. The color selection is amazing, and the scent is very light. I chose Beige 6, which blends in so seamlessly, that the swatch didn't even show up in a photo (which is why you don't see one). This foundation has moderate/buildable coverage, that is oil-free. It actually contains rose extract, which soothes irritated skin. I highly recommend this foundation---if you're into the whole "flawless skin" look---which I definitely am!

**Item purchased by me!


Dior Mizah 5 Colour Eyeshadow Palette

I actually picked up the Dior Mizah palette several weeks ago, but have been too busy to review it. When I saw this set of eyeshadows online, it was love at first sight. I could barely wait to get my hands on it! I it looked like a perfect neutral palette. One it finally came, the love affair was over. The set turned out to be no-so-neutral-neutrals. While I did like the sleek compact, and animal print embossed on the shadows, I didn't like the shadows themselves. All of the colors are very matte, making some of them very hard to wear. I am used to the pearlescence of most Dior eyeshadows, and the matte effect of this one left it feeling, well, flat. I could have layered the browns over my Armani Eyes To Kill Intense in #9, but I feel that a $60 set of shadows should stand alone! If you like matte shadow, you will probably like this palette, but if you are used to most of the Dior eyeshadow palettes, this might not have enough impact.


Boscia B.B. Cream SPF 27 PA++

I have to confess that I am now, too, on the BB bandwagon! Thanks to a recent Sephora promo that let's you sample 3 of their BB creams. BB creams have been around in Asia for sometime now, but are the new thing here in the states. These creams are said to function as a multiple-tasking, do-it-all face cream. BB Cream is said to be a moisturizer, sunscreen, and skin treatment, all rolled into one! I wanted to try the one by Clinique, but sadly, it is nowhere near my skin color. The good news is that Laura will be trying that one out. The samples I received were by Dr. Jart and Boscia. I already own a few Boscia products, so decided to try this one first.

The Boscia has a light olive-ish tint, it did not show on my skin. I have applied it in the morning, after using toner. I then apply my usual foundation on top (for you guys sake, I have used it with: Day 1-- Armani Lasting Silk, day 2--YSL teint resist, day 3--Pixi Tint and Conceal in Sun Glow). I felt that it helped my make-up last longer, especially the Pixi (a tinted moisturizer). My skin also looks better with the BB Cream--more if a soft-focus finish. The product is un-scented, which is nice, and is easy to blend in with finger tips.

I was skeptical at first, but must admit that I am really enjoying this product. So much so, that it's going to be hard to give it up to try the other 2 creams I have.


YSL Teint Resist Foundation--New HG????

I was just given a sample of YSL Teint Resist Foundation at a recent beauty event. I am SUPER picky when it comes to foundation: has to be yellow or neutral undertone (olive skin is very hard to match correctly--especially in the winter when I am light), it must be sweat and/or water-resistant, it must be transfer-resistant, long wearing, oil free, and preferably a medium coverage with a luminous matte finish. I know, I know....DIVA. Hey, I did warn you that I was picky, I mean its my face!!! So, let me get to reviewing the sample.

My sample was in shade 08 Amber (medium to deep complexions with neutral-red undertones). I actually found the undertone to be neutral, but the shade was no where near deep. I would call it medium--compares to Giorgio Armani Lasting Silk in Shade 6.5 or 7. It is a medium, satin matte finish, with a faint smell (I think it smells faintly like lemongrass--which I love). If you are sensitive to smell, it goes away after blending it in. Melts into the skin, with either a foundation brush, or fingers. It gave my face a "airbrushed" look--light, soft, radiant.

Swatched on L to R: Armani Lasting Silk in #6.5, YSL Teint Resist #08, Armani Lasing Silk #8
Armani 6.5 is the most olive, just wish they made 8.5---it would be my soul mate!!!
YSL 08 has a very neutral undertone, possibly leaning toward pink, and Armani 8 has a true neutral undertone, that has hints of yellow.

I will be "road testing these over the next few weeks, and see if my Armani's have been replaced as a HG. I have sales associates sending me samples of Armani Lasting Silk in #9, and YSL Teint Resist in 09. Once I have the proper colors, I will do one side of my face in each and go through my usual routine (work, ZUMBA, pool, gym, etc), and get back to you with the verdict. Stay tuned.........

**Samples received at a department store as part of national beauty promotion.


Stilla Custom Color Blush in Self-Adjusting Coral

I was in Sephora making a return, last week, and saw the most amazing blush by Stilla. It just so happened that I was looking particularly washed-out that day, and decided to try it on. Little did I know it would be my new favorite! I actually knew nothing about this blush when I tried it on (and purchased it), I just wanted something to perk up my look. When I got home to look up more about my new purchase, I realized it was Stilla's Custom Color Blush, in Self-Adjusting Coral. These blushes (pink or coral) are supposed to react to your pH and create a personalized finish, therefore, they should be wearable for any skin tone.

I am not sure about the pH and all that jazz, but I do know it is a stunning shade of bright peach-coral, that looks perfect on. The blush is pretty pigmented, so use a light hand (it is very easy to blend, and layer--best to start light and build the intensity if you want it). This gorgeous shade really does wake-up your whole face, its gives a perfect healthy flush. I am thrilled with this find, and highly recommend it. I don't plan to review the Self-Adjusting Pink, as pink blushes never look quite right on my olive skin. If you have tried these, let me know what you think of either shade!

**Item purchased by me.