The Perfect Self Tan for Spring!

The birds are chirping, the days are longer, the weather is getting warmer---Spring is near! Don't panic, I have tips and products to give you a beautiful, natural (did you go for a weekend trip to the beach?) faux tan. So relax, get a pedi, follow these tips, and you're ready to go!!!

Here's what you will need:
  • Nylon Gloves (the purple or blue ones from medical store, or the kind for hair coloring--beauty supply store)
  • Jergens Natural Glow Moisturizer in Fair to Medium or Medium to Tan (base the color on the color of your skin now, not the color you want to be--this is only your base coat)
  • 2 cosmetic sponges (I like the round ones best)
  • Self-Tanning Lotion (best for beginners), Mousse (intermediate), or Spray (wait until you've mastered the technique--these are the hardest to see where applied, and the least forgiving)
My favorites L to R: Lancome Flash Bronzer Anti-Age (face), Mystic Tan Sunless Tanning Spray, Mystic Tan Sunless Tanning Lotion, St. Tropez Bronzing Mousse, Jergens Natural Glow Daily Moisturizer in Medium to Tan, Glow Fusion Face and Body Spray, South Seas Tahitian Tan Solution (this is an airbrush solution that I use to customize my own lotion--see below), DuWop Revolution (wash off skin tint, great for correcting streaks), Jergens Natural Glow Face

Self tanning products work best when you apply them right after you shower. If you have time to exfoliate, that's great, if not, its OK. Towel drying is a light exfoliant. As soon as you dry off, put on your gloves, then apply the Jergens Natural Glow Moisturizer. This step will moisturize any dry patches, and give you a base coat of a light color. (It's kind of like putting a coat of primer on the wall before you paint it!) I usually start with legs, then go arm, chest/neck, arm, back, stomach. Make sure to cover all surfaces (your arms actually have about 5 surfaces, this is the hardest body part to do properly, make sure you apply evenly all over. Make sure when doing underside of arm to cover wrist, stopping at palm of hand--do not apply on palm). Use sponge to apply a light coat to top of hands , and to blend on wrist and sides of thumb, down to wrist. (just pull gloves up a little, apply, then put glove back down) and to tops of feet. Wait about 2 minutes to dry.

Second, going in the same sequence as before, apply self tanning product of your choice. Make sure to rub in well, in circular motions. Apply to all body parts as mentioned above. Use sponge again for hands and feet. **Tinted tanning products are the easiest to use here, you can see them as you apply, its easier to catch any streaks and blend, when they are tinted.** Do not apply to face.

Third, using second cosmetic sponge, apply Facial self tanning lotion (I always use lotion for face, its just too risky to use the foam or spray here!), to entire face--blending down chin, into neck. Don't forget to blend into your hairline, and to apply self tanning lotion to ears also. This area is usually forgotten, which looks unnatural.

Fourth, wait about 5-10 minutes to dry (I usually only make it 5), then get dressed.

I find that this entire process works best at night. I shower, and self-tan right before bed. That way I can put on PJ's, which are OK if a little of the tint rubs off on. The tan can develop overnight, and I can shower in the morning, and check for streaks then. I DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS IF YOU HAVE WHITE SHEETS, IT WILL COME OFF ON THEM. *If you do notice streaks, after showering, rub the dark areas lightly with a washcloth, to buff away some of the color. After drying, apply another coat of the Jergens before getting dressed, to blend.

If you want to customize your own lotion colors, you can use a body moisturizer (Johnson's deep hydrating lotion, for example) and mix with an airbrush tanning solution. I buy a hair color mixing bottle from Sally's Beauty Supply, and mix them together in it. Mix 1 part solution to 3 parts lotion for a gradual tan, mix equal parts for a custom tanning lotion. You can also mix the solution with the Jergens Natural Glow. If you want really hardcore color, put the airbrush solution in a spray bottle (use one for fine mist--such as for hair products, and spray on after your base coat. This last tip is FOR ADVANCED SELF TANNERS, please :) I have been self tanning for 10 years, and this one is still a little tricky!

Hope this helps you have a tan and happy spring and summer!!

All of these products have been purchased by me.


TEMPTU Airbrush Makeup & Armani Lasting Silk - Reviews and Swatches

We recently received an e-mail requesting more posts about foundation. I know Laura tried a new one this past week, without much luck, so I thought I would share my foundation Holy Grails! I want to start by explaining that I have sensitive skin, which is light to medium olive in the winter and very tan in the summer. There are 2 foundations that I wear on a regular basis, 1 that I wear in summer, and that's it! (Sadly, these are all very pricey, as "drugstore" brands don't seem to understand that some of us have yellow undertones).

My absolute HG foundation is the TEMPTU Airbrush system. It gives flawless, professional airbrushed results, but at home! The AirPod foundation goes on the skin so perfectly, its virtually undetectable. This makeup makes me look like I have great, glowing skin (instead of great foundation). It looks like me, only better! This foundation sprays on, its water-resistant, and last all day and night. They make RETOUCH products, but I haven't tried them, because I never have to touch-up (I put it on at 7:00am, work an 8 hour day, then teach an hour of high-intensity Zumba, and its still on, until I wash it off). I know some of you are thinking that it sounds too good to be true, but beauty does come at a cost. The system is $225, and 2 refill pods are $55. Each pod last me about 2-3 months (or more). I know some of you think this is CRAZY, but it is truly worth the investment!! I recommend getting a demo at your local Sephora, and then begging for this as a birthday, anniversary, Christmas, Hanukkah, graduation, wedding, etc., gift. You're worth it!

I did not photo swatches of this, because you literally can't even see the foundation once sprayed on. It really does "disappear" into the skin. Below L to R: new AIR pod bronzer (amazing, warm tan--so lovely), blush #402 Soft Peach, AIR pod foundation in #6 in warm beige. Bronzer $35 and blush $30 . The bronzer is a must have!!

My second HG is Armani Lasting Silk UV Foundation SPF 20. This was my all time fave, until the TEMPTU. Lasting Silk gives a lovely, natural-matte finish, light to medium coverage, and is very long lasting. It will hold up on a hot, humid day (wore it all day at Disney World in 90 degree weather, and didn't look like a hot mess in the photos!). I wear a mixture of#5.5 and #6.5 in the winter, but go as dark as #8 in the summer. Laura also wears this foundation, and is a #4. My mom and sister are both fair, with blond hair and blue eyes, and they wear #5. I have pretty much gotten everyone I know addicted to this stuff! It is so beautiful on, you'll wonder what you ever did without it!!! I still wear mine on the days I don't feel like airbrushing :) $59

Swatched L to R: #8, #7, #6.5, #5.5 - 

The last foundation I have to give a quick mention to is, Estee Lauder Double Wear Light. It has sheer, oil-controlling coverage, and last 16 hours. I don't want to give away too much, it will be featured in my Waterproof Wonders, still to come....

These items were all purchased by me.


Laura Mercier's Stick Gloss in Peony - Review and Swatches

I recently went to Twitter for help on a red lip color for fair-skinned red heads (like myself).  The folks at Laura Mercier responded that I should try their Stick Gloss in Peony.  I usually HATE color on my lips.  Being so fair skinned - red lips scare me!

From Sephora's Website :
"The new Laura Mercier Stick Gloss cares for your lips while delivering color in a sheer and sophisticated finish. Part lip balm, part lip color, and part lip glacé, Stick Gloss provides a sheer wash of color that creates dimension and adds fullness to the lips."

Peony is described as "Deep Aubergine Plum".  I have to admitted, I was a little scared at first impressions.  I was expecting something lighter.

Thank you Laura Mercier for the good amazing suggestion!  The color was sheer, yet build-able.  It is easy to control how light or dark you want to look.  The texture was smooth and felt very hydrating!  I think I *finally* found a color I can wear and not be scared of!

Sephora has 4 shades on their website and Laura Mercier's website has 14 to offer!  I think I want to try it in 'Pink Jewel' next.

I purchased this product.


Smashbox In Bloom Soft Focus Powder Eyeliner - Review and Swatches

I know this isn't a brand new product, but recently picked up Smashbox's In Bloom Soft Focus Eyeliner in Heather.  I was not originally sold on powder eyeliner, so I had to try it out.  Ask anyone (well Natasha) about my "complex" with eyeliners.  I never can put the liner close enough to my lashes; resulting in a gap between lashes and liner.  I was desperate until Natasha told me about Tarte's EmphasEYES liner, and I have only used that since.  The tiny tip allowed me to control where my liner was going and no more gap! Anyway, I wanted to try something different and came home with this!

Overall, I really liked!  I love the color and it applied smooth.  There was no smudging after wearing all day either.  I was surprised how close I could get to my lash line!  No gap!  The only thing I did not like about this was I had a little bit of fall out after applying, but easily came off.  Definitely recommend.

This product was purchased by me.