YSL Teint Resist Foundation--New HG????

I was just given a sample of YSL Teint Resist Foundation at a recent beauty event. I am SUPER picky when it comes to foundation: has to be yellow or neutral undertone (olive skin is very hard to match correctly--especially in the winter when I am light), it must be sweat and/or water-resistant, it must be transfer-resistant, long wearing, oil free, and preferably a medium coverage with a luminous matte finish. I know, I know....DIVA. Hey, I did warn you that I was picky, I mean its my face!!! So, let me get to reviewing the sample.

My sample was in shade 08 Amber (medium to deep complexions with neutral-red undertones). I actually found the undertone to be neutral, but the shade was no where near deep. I would call it medium--compares to Giorgio Armani Lasting Silk in Shade 6.5 or 7. It is a medium, satin matte finish, with a faint smell (I think it smells faintly like lemongrass--which I love). If you are sensitive to smell, it goes away after blending it in. Melts into the skin, with either a foundation brush, or fingers. It gave my face a "airbrushed" look--light, soft, radiant.

Swatched on L to R: Armani Lasting Silk in #6.5, YSL Teint Resist #08, Armani Lasing Silk #8
Armani 6.5 is the most olive, just wish they made 8.5---it would be my soul mate!!!
YSL 08 has a very neutral undertone, possibly leaning toward pink, and Armani 8 has a true neutral undertone, that has hints of yellow.

I will be "road testing these over the next few weeks, and see if my Armani's have been replaced as a HG. I have sales associates sending me samples of Armani Lasting Silk in #9, and YSL Teint Resist in 09. Once I have the proper colors, I will do one side of my face in each and go through my usual routine (work, ZUMBA, pool, gym, etc), and get back to you with the verdict. Stay tuned.........

**Samples received at a department store as part of national beauty promotion.

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