Giorgio Armani Jacquard Eye Palette #2

Ok, so you know what an Armani junkie I am, and I have been wanting these before my local rep even knew about them!! I have been looking at my local Nordstrom's Armani counter each week, hoping for these to arrive, and on my trip Friday--------they were here!!! (Choir of angels sing, a white light shines down on the new collection, and as I get close enough to look at an touch it----it all stops!

  • The top color is a light, icy blue-silver
  • On the left is a light blue-grey (the color of the sky before a storm)
  • On the right is a muted dove grey (think of a stormcloud)
  • On the bottom is a muted red brown (like the color of a Godiva chocolate)--my favorite of the 4 colors.
I am so sad about this new collection. I did really like the #6 Caramel Blushing Fabric, but I have enough bronzers! The face palette is OK--colors are similar to those in the summer palette, and the eye palettes (while beautifully packaged), were muted colors on the skin. Palette #1 reminded me of Mardi Gras (yes, I lived in New Orleans, where the only reason to mix green, purple, and gold--is if you're going to a parade!)

The palette I was really drooling over is #2 the grey eye palette. Online, the colors looked like shimmery silvers, icy blue, and smoky grey. On the skin, however, the colors were very muted. All of my eyes to kill palettes have bold, shimmering, vibrant colors, are beautiful iridescent nudes and neutrals. This one was just a little blah, on the skin :( The shimmer and vibrancy that I love about Armani eye color just wasn't there, so I guess I'll be waiting on "pins and needles" for the Holiday Collection!

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