Hard Candy Ginormous Lash Mascara Review

Another drugstore purchase this week!  This time I picked up the Hard Candy Ginormous Lash Mascara with Growth Serum.  The purchase price was around $7.00.  This mascara is supposed to give you long, thick lashes.  The formula has growth serum infused in it to promote lash growth, strength, and vitality with regular use.

One coat - not looking at camera!
I LOVED this! I was really surprised with this mascara!  There were ZERO clumps.  The mascara did not smudge or flake after wearing all day.  I cannot comment on how well the growth serum works, as I just purchased this and haven't used it long enough.  This is a great buy for the price.  All of the Hard Candy products were cute, and I definitely want to try more.  Has anyone else tried this and could comment on the growth serum?

This product was purchased by me.


  1. I love it i have it n use it everyday , no clumpies with me my fav mascara

  2. Having a good mascara like this is a good way to have a long lashes.

  3. Love the effect of this mascara! I'm having no doubt to use this. Great review! :)

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